She leads: building the next generation of (s)heroes


In 2022, women still find it difficult to break into leadership positions. Why is it that half the world’s population don’t have their fair do’s? This session will uncover the lived experiences of everyday (S)Heroes – women leaders from diverse backgrounds – who continue to disrupt this status quo and lead the way for young women and girls to find the confidence, courage and voice to belong, lead and achieve.

Nala Feminist Collective and We Belong present this workshop, featuring speakers as Aya Chebbi (Nala Feminist Collective), Yasmine Ouirhrane (We Belong) and Jana Degrott* (We Belong). As politicians, diplomats, advocates, artists, and young women leaders from diverse backgrounds in spheres of influence, they will share their journeys and experiences and key advocacy tools to the participants, so that you too aspire to lead.

1ST PART: inspirational conversation between the speakers. There are different ways to access leadership and to be a gender equality advocate – each speaker sharing their personal stories, exploring the different roles of women in leadership based on their own experience.

2ND PART: Q&A with speakers.

3RD PART: Breakout conversations with participants where each group will come up with a call to action to be included in the general brief and recommendations of the workshop.


Max. 30​


2 hours




Aya Chebbi

Founder and Chair of NALA Feminist Collective & EC YA


Yasmine Ouirhrane

Founder of WeBelong & Estoril Conferences’ Youth Ambassador

Jana Degrott

Co-Founder & Campaign Manager of WeBelong