CEMS: Strategic Partner

Estoril Conferences is joining forces with CEMS for an interactive global discussion with the schools of the future about the world’s most pressing issues.

A global dialogue for a better future

CEMS is an internationally renowned strategic alliance of leading Business Schools – among the best worldwide – multinational companies and NGOs. Together, they offer the CEMS Master in International Management (CEMS MIM) to over 1340+ students from 80+ nationalities, embracing a community of 16.000+ alumni from over 100+ nationalities, working in over 75 countries.

Through CEMS’ partnership, Estoril Conferences is calling the leading business schools worldwide, as independent institutions, to set the tone and lead the way forward to transform our societies.

United by their shared mission of developing and training the leaders of tomorrow, the schools of the future will find at Estoril Conferences an opportunity to engage with the Purpose Generation, and inspire them to raise an active and worldwide community of global citizens, passioned about taking action, to push the world forward.

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Current collaborations


Customized collaborations, co-designed with Estoril Conferences, such as live virtual interactions with CEMS Schools during the event and the CEMS Video Challenge Competition.

Prisma - Cems


Collaborations that are integrated in the scope of the CEMS MIM Curriculum, such as the Global Citizenship Seminar and the #SpeedUpSustainability CEMS Business Project Program with McKinsey & Company.

With whom?

CEMS Schools

Together with 8 (might be subject to change) of the 34 CEMS schools, we are partnering up to create awareness and elevate worlwide the dialogue about some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

CEMS Academic Directors

The CEMS Academic Directors Cross School Initiatives Sub Committee is co-designing several initiatives together with Estoril Conferences’ team.

CEMS Global Office

The CEMS Global Office is the permanent coordination and management body of CEMS, and it has been working together with Estoril Conferences in the promotion of its 7th Edition.

CEMS Student Board

The CEMS Student Board represents CEMS Students within the CEMS Global Alliance and has partnered with Estoril Conferences, playing a contributing role in initiatives, such as the Video Challenge Competition.

CEMS Clubs

We are also joining forces with several CEMS Clubs, run by CEMS students around the world, who are actively involved in the promotion of CEMS’ initiatives with Estoril Conferences, with CEMS Club Lisbon leading the way.


Estoril Conferences is partnering up with some of the most prestigious business schools to take the event to a global scale. Together, different formats of the conference will be created that seek to engage local and global communities in an open dialogue about the world’s most pressing issues.


Full Collaboration

CEMS Business Schools partnering with Estoril Conferences in a joint event will hold a separate version of the “Estoril Conferences” on exactly the same dates, at their own location, in paralel to the live Estoril Conferences, with virtual interactions between the host and the partner schools.

Los Andes

2-day event covering the Estoril Conferences' program

Los Andes School of Management


Universidad de los Andes School of Management (UASM) was founded in 1972, defining itself as a school of management rather than a business school, committed to educate and influence decision makers in all sectors – private, public and not-for‐profit. UASM is the only school in Colombia and among the ten in Latin America with AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations, placing it in the Top 1% of business schools worldwide with the Triple Crown, which is the highest posible recognition in this field.


Collaboration in one moment of the agenda

CEMS Business Schools partnering with Estoril Conferences in a panel debate will hold single events, on exactly the same dates, at their own location, in paralel to the live Estoril Conferences agenda, with virtual interactions between the host and the partner schools.

Promotion & Reach

CEMS Business Schools that support the Estoril Conferences by promoting and sharing information about the event to their own communities, to find new possible speakers and partners as well as engaging more participants around the world in the event.

CEMS Video Challenge Competition

The CEMS Alliance, via the Academic Directors Cross-School Initiatives Sub-committee, and the Estoril Conferences’ Academic Board have come together to invite the CEMS Student community to contribute to one of the seven topics to be debated in the Conference: Technology and Ethics.


CEMS Global Citizenship Seminar

Integrated in the CEMS MIM Curriculum, it is a two-day course that offers an experiential learning experience focused on one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year, it has the added focus of engaging the Purpose Generation in the resolution of these global challenges, to nurture Estoril Conferences’ discussions and debates.

#SpeedUpSustainability CEMS Business Project Program with McKinsey & Company

In 2022, McKinsey & Company, Estoril Conferences’ Knowledge Partner, joins forces with CEMS for the #SpeedUpSustainability CEMS Business Project Program. The CEMS students’ outputs will be showcased at the 7th Edition of Estoril Conferences.