2023 Edition


our world

Planet, People, Health, Peace and Policy

1-2 Sep 2023

Nova SBE, Carcavelos Campus - Cascais, Portugal

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The stage of life is set here. We are counting on you!

Every day, we move towards tomorrow, without knowing what it will be. The impossibility to see the future, to feel it or to touch it, often makes us close ourselves in our own box.

Inside these walls, we are all we see, losing touch of them – our counterparts to whom we are deeply connected to in our shared human essence. Behind closed doors, we pull away from our best self. We lose awareness of the impact of our actions, of our surroundings, of our peers, that have also embarked in this journey of life like us.

We must not lose the feeling of how precious life is and how powerful we, humans, are to make it even more astonishing. Carrying our humanity to the stage of life, by giving voice to those who transform it into impactful action, is the main mission of the 8th Edition of the Estoril Conferences, co-organized by NOVA SBE and, this year, also by NOVA Medical School. Reinforcing the transforming power of innovation and technology, we will give stage to world leaders and the pioneers of today and tomorrow to discuss topics of great importance to our shared future, such as the environment, peace, politics, and health.

The 8th Edition of Estoril Conferences will address larger subjects in accordance with the major global concerns that the world is facing by encouraging a discussion and a call to action among world leaders on the most important issues facing all generations, with a particular focus on the younger generations.

Join us in reshaping the future and help us to create the more humane society that the world so desperately needs by turning words into actions.


At Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus, Cascais Portugal in a co-organization with NOVA Medical School.

For who?

To all who are inspired and motivated by creating impact and change in the world no matter the age, namely the purpose generation.

How much?

Free event, open to all, with limited seats.

Ready to take this leap with us?

From 2023 on, the Estoril Conferences will be held annually keeping its objective to open, inclusive, elevated, and participatory discourse on pertinent routes to a sustainable future based on more equality, fairness, justice, and peace.

Join us, and let’s re-humanize the present together, reshaping the future.

Let’s start by looking at where we are currently standing.

What are we doing for the Planet, for People, for Health, for Peace and for new Policies?


Earth has been humanity’s home for millions of years, but we are far from being its only inhabitants. It has also been hosting the life of thousands of other species, as the only planet in the known universe confirmed to support life…


We are the writers of our own history. Not just our own, as individuals, but that of all of us. Humanity. We define how our chapters are going to look like and we choose how we want to punctuate it…


We all ask for health. It is part of our most immediate and aspiring desires – for ourselves and for all of those we hold dear. Yet, what stands out as our greatest source of vitality can easily be turned into our greatest fear, sometimes in a blink of an eye…


Human history is filled with chapters of fights, conflicts, and wars. In our quest for a more fulfilling life, we have often been practicing the opposite of the so desired harmony and tranquility that peace has inherent…


Why let your voice be tamed when you can make a difference? We have and must fight for our rights, for fairer opportunities, for greater balance in our society. …

In a 2-day agenda

The 8th Edition of the Estoril Conferences invites us to embark on a 2-day journey that challenges us to look inward and reconnect deeply with our human essence to pave the way for a healthier, more peaceful and inclusive world.

On September 1st, the stage will be enlightened by world leaders that will join the younger generations to discuss what actions can we take to face the ongoing planetary crisis, while debating the urgency of turning words into concrete deeds for a more peaceful environment. Approaching the needed changes in political decision-making processes is also part of the agenda of the first day, integrating the policy topic, that will complement the planet and peace conversations.

On September 2nd, the sessions will be mainly devoted to the theme of health, where some of the emerging challenges such as poverty, climate change, and mental health conditions will be discussed, as well as the role played by technology to advance the health sector.