1 - 2 September

Nova SBE | Carcavelos Campus, Cascais | Portugal

Planet, People, Health, Peace and Policy

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Re-Humanize is not
just a nice idea

It’s a practice that when put into action improves lives

For Martin Luther King, life’s most urgent question was:

What are you doing for others?
We have to ask ourselves: What are the most pressing problems of our times for the new generations?
Estoril Conferences are probably the best stage to ponder the most pressing problems of all generations, focusing on and voicing the New Gen. Four challenges for this year’s edition where we want people to ask themselves better questions: What are we doing for People, Planet, Peace and new Policies?

A new cycle. New goals. The same commitment.

From 2023 The Estoril Conferences will be held annually keeping its objective to open, inclusive, elevated, and participatory discourse on pertinent routes to a sustainable future based on more equality, fairness, justice, and peace.

To address the new goals the 8th Edition of Estoril Conferences will be co-organized and hosted by Nova SBE and NOVA Medical School approaching broader themes in line with the main global challenges that the world is facing.

This cooperation reinforces the transforming power of innovation and technology in Health, the reflection on the main challenges of today, the promotion of debate and the call for action, involving world leaders focused on the theme Re-Humanize Our World.

In a 2-day agenda

“Re-Humanize Our World” will be the theme of the 8th Edition of Estoril Conferences that will take place at Nova School of Business & Economics Campus in Carcavelos, Cascais. Our objective is to facilitate high-level discourse between world leaders from the social, economic, and business spheres, as well as social activists and younger generations, with the aim of fostering a conversation that may inspire action and better lives.

How can we help Re-Humanize our planet and its various issues so that it is more active and effective? What is our responsibility to the younger generations? How can we work together to bring about this change?

We want to serve as an example for our community and for everyone who aspires to change the world for the better. Estoril Conferences 2023 will concentrate on these insights in a two-day program that will pave the way for a more humanized world that urgently needs to change in order to re-establish a connection with the society that demands to have a brighter future for us all.

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The 2022 Edition brought together impactful leaders across multiple countries, generations, and backgrounds, all united by the mission to inspire immediate action and commitment, while reinforcing the importance of having an active role in our societies and the world.

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