The list of speakers of the Estoril Conferences continues to grow

On the first two days of September, takes place this year’s edition of the Estoril Conferences, an event with an extensive and diverse list of speakers ranging from Presidents and Prime Ministers to Nobel Prize winners, activists, scientists and others. To a list that continues to grow, two renowned personalities are now added: Francis Fukuyama- economist, philosopher, and writer- and David Wallace-Wells award-winning journalist. The two new additions contribute to a broad and diverse agenda that seeks to promote intergenerational dialogue and the debate of ideas and solutions among all those who believe in a better tomorrow.
Economist, philosopher and writer, Fukuyama is considered one of the most influential thinkers of political science at a global level and participates this year in the Estoril Conferences, for the second time after having attended the 2011 edition. This September, Fukuyama is once again welcomed by the event created in 2009, now on the theme “Liberalism and Its Discontents”. In conversation with the former president of the Luso-American Foundation for Development (FLAD), Vasco Rato, the renowned philosopher will seek to deconstruct the premises that focus on the defense of a system and its understanding of how we can work for a more peaceful and just future, able to overcome the current conflicts of war and instability that are growing on a global scale.
David Wallace-Wells will focus on the theme of climate change integrating the topic “for Planet”. Author of “The Uninhabitable Earth”, the award-winning journalist will sit on September 2nd with the university professor and scientific disseminator Carlos Fiolhais for a discussion on the current challenges that our planet faces and that requires global cooperation.
Both Fukuyama and Wallace-Wells were invited regarding a partnership of the Estoril Conferences with the Leya editorial group that will be responsible for the initiative “Authors Room”, an activity included on the agenda of the event that aims to join Portuguese writers to Nova SBE students, giving them the opportunity to interview some of the best-known authors published by the editorial group and narrowing down, connections between the art of writing and the present.

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