The Estoril Conferences have a new website

“A Future of Hope” is the signature that represents the repositioning and the new direction that the Estoril Conferences intend to take within the scope of Nova SBE, as well as the ambition to change our future and the future of our society. The new identity and visual universe are reflected in the new Estoril Conferences website, with a young and dynamic image, as well as simple and intuitive access to the contents, which will allow you to browse the 10 years of the Estoril Conferences and wait for the news that the event would like to bring to the next edition. 

All information and news about the Estoril Conferences can also be followed on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Register to be part of the mailing list and receive all the updated news.

Source: Estoril Conferences