The Estoril Conferences have a new identity

“A Future of Hope” it’s the signature that represents our ambition to change our future and the future of our society. The new identity reflects the purpose and mission of Estoril Conferences as a platform to promote an open and impactful dialogue on global challenges, and to co-create effective coalitions for innovative solutions towards a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Estoril Conferences want to be a new platform of discussion that will our past, but mainly, will impact our future. The brand’s visual universe was inspired by the horizon line, and by looking at the Estoril Conferences as the vanishing point from which different shapes and perspectives can arise.

The result is a set of geometric windows that can be used in combination with photographs and illustrations to bring to life the ideas behind each communication material.

The new logo was born from the horizon concept portrayed in Nova SBE’s logo, combined with a soft but powerful font inspired by Estoril’s architectural style. The result is a strong identity with a fresh view throw the horizon that will lead us to the future.

Source: Estoril Conferences