“10 years” campaign: Get to know Garrett McNamara

Get to know the changemaker Garrett McNamara, an international surfer known for setting numerous Guinness World Records, including the biggest wave ever ridden at Nazaré, Portugal. He was also part of the team that surfed the waves generated by a giant calving glacier in Alaska.

Seeing these glaciers disappear in front of him impacted Mcnamara and he felt compelled to take action. Since then, Mcnamara has been an activist for the protection of ocean life.

In 2019 he spoke at the Estoril Conferences about his initiatives, and the personal motto “everything is possible”, and how about he aims to reduce waste, plastic production and pollution on the planet and in our ocean giving back to the place that gave him fame.

Source: Estoril Conferences

Picture: Estoril Conferences