Bertrand Piccard “20 Years ago, people thought renewable energy was useless. I proved that they were good for doing impossible things.”

The man that has put his name in history by taking the first trip around the world in a
balloon and a solar-powered plane, anticipating the Estoril Conferences where he will be present, spoke about the potential of sustainable technologies, his unusually illustrious family, and what led him to become a pioneer. “We must be attentive to all the decisive moments in our lives, and imagine where life will take us if we say yes or no”.
His grandfather was the first man to go to the stratosphere, at over 15,000 meters altitude. The father, was the first to descend to the deepest point of the planet, the Mariana Trench, almost 11,000 meters below sea level. The footsteps were not easy to follow, confesses Bertrand Piccard. “As a child, I decided I wanted to be an explorer. But I didn’t know what to explore. And when I was a teenager, I felt depressed, because I had big dreams of exploration and absolutely no idea what to do to achieve those dreams.”
But the Swiss found his way: in 1999, he became famous for being the first to make a balloon circumnavigation trip (without stopping); years later, he repeated the feat in a solar-powered plane. Today, he dedicates his life to supporting and disseminating sustainable technology projects, a theme that will bring him to Portugal in September, to participate in the Estoril Conferences at Nova SBE, an event where VISÃO is a Media Partner.

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