“10 Years” campaign: Gender Justice

Too many times the silent issue of gender inequality is subconsciously present in the minds of women and men.

Some people might wonder if gender inequality really exists; but only by directly asking women whether they feel that society is treating them fairly, they will soon realize that it is still a very present reality.

Although there is progress in some countries, in other parts of the world women still lack control over their bodies and lives. For example: 1 in 5 women still report experiencing physical or forced intimacy with a partner. Or, in national parliaments, female representation only accounts for 24%. And also, only 1 manager out of 3 is a woman*.

We need to fight for a world where every person has the same opportunities despite their gender. Start the conversation on #genderjustice

*Data provided by ourworldindata.org, un.org & EUROSTAT

Source: Estoril Conferences

Picture: Estoril Conferences