Governments, through public procurement, can play an important role in driving innovation. For example through, buying products and services based on innovation driven KPIs, demanding technologies that require R&D or even buying R&D directly. During the special government session, that we host together with Estoril Conferences, we bring together public procurement professionals, policy makers and startups with the goal to share experiences, discuss challenges and co-create input for developing effective frameworks. Ultimately leading to more involvement of startups in public procurement of innovation, greater business opportunities and shared value.

This Government-Startups Session will be the part of a three-day Global Meetup 2018 - Get in the Ring that brings together 150 startups and 300 - 350 innovation professionals and investors from all over the world in Cascais.

Please find more information on the Session, its program and speakers here


Preliminary program:

10h-11h: Opening + ‘The state of public procurement’

11h-12h: ‘Reducing barriers for SME’s in accessing public procurement

12h-13h: Lunch break

13h-14h: ‘Policies and tools to increase access to public procurement’

14h-14.15h: Coffee break

14.15h-15h: ‘Challenges and best practices’

15h-15.45h: Roundtable working sessions

15.45h-16h: Concluding remarks