Global Migration – Leaving home in a globalized world.

The fifth edition of the Estoril Conferences happened between May 29 and May 31, 2017, and was exclusively dedicated to the theme of Global Migration.

People migrate. From our predecessor Homo Erectus, who moved out of Africa across Europe more than a million years ago, followed by the known expansions of Homo Sapiens, to the more recent example of States that have virtually been built upon immigration, humans have always been on the move. Yet, migration is often perceived as a threat or unique burden with which polities are faced.

Special message from His Holiness Pope Francis

Having “global migration” as its main theme, the Estoril Conferences 2019 received a special message from His Holiness Pope Francis who encouraged participants to a mutual and fruitful sharing of knowledge and experience. By underlining that we all have a common future, Pope Francis addressed the public by wishing them to have success and develop the capacity of giving space to solidarity and intelligent hospitality and encouraging them to merge their efforts to reduce marginalization and enhance a globalized solidarity that can embrace the needs of the entire human family.

His Holiness Pope Francis, welcoming the request for a sign of presence at the fifth edition of the Estoril Conferences, which takes place in Cascais, under the theme Global Migration: Leaving Home in a Globalized World, welcomes organizers and participants and experience – founded on our common dignity and the service of a necessarily common future.