Youth integrity initiative challenging corruption


Too easily, leaders use their own anti corruption calls to win power that fails to deliver, or again results in abuse for personal or political gain. Too often, community and professional voices are ill-equipped to influence these narratives, struggling to realise broad support among the people and stakeholders for the key principles that will see corruption expelled and not return – that checks, balances and division of power are central to good governance, and that the purpose of entrusted power is its exercise for the common good. For protecting the common good, TI aims to reinforce the ability of civil society to drive accountability through political, legal and everyday social actions.

Youth is a core feature of TI Strategy 2030 since corruption undermines the power of the young people by violating their basic political, economic and social rights. Transparency’s International Youth Integrity Initiative (YII) is a movement lead initiative, collectively working on building youth integrity and engaging Youth on all areas of TI’s work. During this session, participants will discuss pathways for developing and inspiring a next generation of civic, public and business leaders better equipped to fight corruption.


1. Introducing TI Youth Integrity Initiative (YII) Karina Carvalho, TI Portugal, (10-15 min)
2. Youth Integrity Initiative in practice (45 min-1h)

  • Future Anticorruption Business Leaders, Laurence Fabre, TI France (15 min) + Q&A
  • Academia & Anticorruption Collective Action, Deimante Zemgulyte, TI Lithuania (15 min) + Q&A

3. Challenging corruption – Exercise (30 min)
4. Final messaging (Oya Özarslan, TI Board Member)


Max. 30


2 hours




Karina Carvalho

TI Portugal


Laurence Fabre

Head of Integrity for the Private Sector and Higher Education Programs


Deimantė Žemgulytė

Project Leader at Transparency International Lithuania


Oya Özarslan

TI Board Member