What it means to be a junior entrepreneur?


Through its partnership with Nova Junior Consulting, Estoril Conferences called on representatives from international Junior Enterprise bodies to debate the challenges and opportunities of belonging to a network of young students and entrepreneurs and the ways in which it can impact global challenges and make an impact on communities around us.

Present in 44 countries, comprising of more than 1700 Junior Enterprises (JE) and reaching a yearly turnover of around 16M€, the goal of the global movement has been to generate economic value on the overall market, and by actively sharing a civic and environmentally friendly mindset, contribute towards a better world. Through social corporate responsibility plans, projects with social enterprises and volunteer work, Junior Enterprises worldwide actively contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and have made this part of their mission.

This roundtable offered a chance to get to know the movement nationally, at a European level as well as globally. It showcased its potential in shaping future leaders and impact contemporary issues. A first moment provided an overview of sustainability-related initiatives and events organized in different regions. Thereafter, the speakers explained what it means to be a junior entrepreneur as well as shared experiences of the sustainability efforts they were involved in. It concluded with a space for questions, where participants had a chance to clarify and debate further issues.


Max. 40






Beatriz Fernandes

Secretary-Geral of the upcoming mandate for JE Global


Matilde Oliveira

International Manager at JE Portugal


Mariana Nunes

Session Moderator
President of Nova Junior Consulting


Matteo Chiarofonte

President of JE Europe