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Start-Ups Challenges


Ana Pimentel, author of the book “Unicórnios Portugueses” and editorial coordinator of Lua de Papel, an imprint of Leya, interviews Jane Hoffer, CEO of Flow, a Portuguese startup focused on sustainable mobility that uses the most advanced machine learning technology to manage financial risk for the world’s largest banks, merchants, and processors.

Main Topics

Space, green and blue economy

What’s the main challenge to an entrepreneur in a country like Portugal? In this panel we will discuss the differences between the American and Portuguese markets and startups; what are the pros and cons of the Portuguese ecosystem; and the challenges in the green and blue economy and how can technology solve them. Is Portugal the right spot for a startup in these fields? Are we taking good advantage of our resources?

Fintech and sustainable finance

How can we trust the algorithms we don’t see? The cybercrime is here to stay and it’s still difficult for many people to trust the digital payments and assets and to feel their money is safe online. How can we change the mindset? What are the main risks?


Max. 30​


2 hours


Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute​


Ana Pimentel

Author of the book “Unicórnios Portugueses” & Editorial coordinator of Lua de Papel


Jane Hoffer

CEO of Daloop