CEMS Business Project

#Speedup Sustainability


How can SMEs improve their environmental sustainability fast?

McKinsey & Company, Estoril Conferences’ Knowledge Partner, joins forces with CEMS, Estoril Conferences’ Strategic Partner, each year since 2019, always focusing on social relevant topics. In 2022, the focus of CEMS Business Project (BP) was on #SpeedUpSustainability. The program was designed with the purpose of enabling teams of CEMS business students (typically 4-6 students per team) to create comparable insights from ~10 countries, through the guidance of volunteers from McKinsey, to foster sustainability in local SMEs.

Students performed a diverse set of methods (desk research, unstructured interviews, integrated interviews, creativity workshops and problem solving sessions), identifying barriers and opportunities for environmental sustainability in SMEs per country. They have exclusively focused on specifics of the country they were conducting the BP in and on SMEs with a specific turnover in pre-defined industries, evaluating only chosen Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations.

A team of 104 sustainability enthusiasts, with 11 CEMS universities involved, came together at Estoril Conferences to pitch their key project results and discuss actionable recommendations across nations with other student teams and session visitors.


Max. 40


2 hours




Lena Bell

Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Company