Moving from protest to action: engaging the purpose generation in politics


What’s the difference between “lobbying” and activism? Who “does” lobbying, and can they do it for good? This session was designed to inspire and provide participants with a renewed, strategic and hands-on understanding of lobbying as a legitimate and effective approach to pursue your organization’s mission. The ultimate aim is to inspire youth participants to pursue their advocacy projects and to offer insights and practical tools needed to create compelling, evidence-based, legally compliant and solution-driven campaigns at an EU and national level.

1ST PART: Demystifying Citizen Lobbying. The first module will break the ice and will encourage the participants to rethink their own understanding of advocacy and lobbying, and how they can be used to improve society as a whole and achieve their own goals.

2ND PART: Advocacy Campaigns & Avenues of Participation. This module will draw upon case studies of successful and unsuccessful advocacy campaigns from across the EU to reflect upon and illustrate best practices. It will focus on three key avenues of participation that can influence policy: campaigns, judicial, and political.

3RD PART: Hands-on Exercise. This module will focus on an interactive session to encourage participants to be creative and to put their new skills to the test in a fun, experimental environment with a hands-on exercise focusing on a real-world issue they care about. Participants will be provided with feedback from their peers and trainers about their ideas.


Max. 30


2 hours




Kelsey Beltz

Managing Director at The Good Lobby