Hospitality Mindset for Social Sustainability – People as the drivers


The focus on people for people can transform the world. In a demanding and challenging world context where people are suffering both from the war economic and social consequences as well as from the extreme climate changing effects, people should positively react and act now. People individually and in community are the drivers for every business and life transformation.

In this session, we presented and discussed real tourism and hospitality cases and best practices around social sustainability and the role of people as the drivers. The session main purpose was to inspire you to rethink your personal role and your influence capacity either as a student, an executive, an entrepreneur or an academic.

Go, and find your people centricity and hospitality mindset!


3:00pm – Welcome by Sérgio Guerreiro, Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

3:05pm – Keynote by Luís Araújo, President Turismo de Portugal & European Travel Commission

3:30pm – Round Table | Moderation: Joana Castro e Costa, NovaSBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center

         . “People for Inclusion” – Filipa Pinto Coelho, Café Joyeux

         . “People for Community” – Yasmin Bhudarally, Hotel Neya

         . “People for Life Transformation” – Transformational Travel Council, Monika Lewicka

4:30pm – Q&A Session


Max. 30


2 hours


Westmont Institute


Luís Araújo

President Turismo de Portugal & European Travel Commission


Filipa Pinto Coelho

Executive President VilacomVida / Joyeux Portugal


Joana Castro e Costa

Executive Director of Nova SBE LFI Knowledge Center


Drª Yasmin Bhudarally

CEO of NEYA Hotels


Monika Lewicka

CEO Transformational Travel Council

Luís Araújo

Luis Araújo is the President of Turismo de Portugal (Portuguese National Tourism Authority) since February 2016. He is also President of ETC – European Travel Commission since September 2020 and President of NEST – Tourism Innovation Center in Portugal. He has a degree in Law. Board Member at Group Pestana responsible for the Hispanic America hotels operations Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba. He was also Head of Development for the same Continent and Head of Sustainability since the creation of the department in 2009. From 2001 to 2005 he worked for the Brazilian branch of the company where he was successively Board’s Associate for New Projects in Brazil, Board Member and Vice President for the Group Pestana in South America, with responsibility for New Business Development and Area Operations. He served the Portuguese Government as Head of the Cabinet of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tourism between 2005 and 2007.

Filipa Pinto Coelho

Filipa graduated in Social and Cultural Communication at Portuguese Catholic University in 1998, post-graduated in Marketing and later specialized in Luxury Marketing at the same university. Her professional career started as communication manager due to her passion to help companies to efficiently reach their internal and external customers, and has done that in several companies in Porto and Lisbon.

After having been invited to work as a marketing director at a portuguese luxury Group for about four years, she set up her own consultancy business as an independent marketing professional in the lifestyle market. It was when she’s got pregnant of her third child – Manuel – who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at the 15th week of pregnancy – that her life and professional path changed completely.

Love and Passion commanded the rest of Filipa’s story up to now. She used her know-how to set-up a social entrepreneurship project named CafécomVida, on behalf of the NGO that she created together with a group of parents of children with cognitive impairment – VilacomVida -, whose mission is to transform people’s lives by promoting a quality-based experience with young adults diagnosed namely with Down Syndrome and Autism, allowing them to show the world their hidden super-powers. Now Filipa represents exclusively, through the ONG VilacomVida and the company Joyeux Portugal, the first social franchising of the mission and brand Café Joyeux, which it intends to expand throughout the country, so that more and more people get to know the added value of difference.

Joana Castro e Costa

Joana Castro e Costa is currently Executive Director of the Leadership for Impact Knowledge Centre. She has a master’s in management, from Nova SBE, and several years of field experience in consulting and management in the private and public sectors. Namely she has worked in telecommunications, education, and IT, and in functions regarding project management, marketing, business development, partnership management, quality & security, and advisory to board of directors.

Drª Yasmin Bhudarally

Drª Yasmin Bhudarally took her degree in Law from Universidade Clássica in 1991. Post-graduated in Notarial and Registral Law, Drª Yasmin is the CEO of NEYA Hotels since 2008 and Chairman of the Mediation and Arbitration Department of the Ismaili Community.

Monika Lewicka

Tourism industry leader, impact and heart-driven initiator, connector, vulnerability advocate, seasoned solo traveller, and public speaker. Brand Ambassador and Head of Partnerships at the Transformational Travel Council, passionate about building stewardship and belonging through tourism seen not as a product or a transaction, but as an engaging process and an intentional practice.