Hospitality Mindset for Social Sustainability – People as the drivers


The focus on people for people can transform the world. In a demanding and challenging world context where people are suffering both from the war economic and social consequences as well as from the extreme climate changing effects, people should positively react and act now. People individually and in community are the drivers for every business and life transformation.

In this session, we presented and discussed real tourism and hospitality cases and best practices around social sustainability and the role of people as the drivers. The session main purpose was to inspire you to rethink your personal role and your influence capacity either as a student, an executive, an entrepreneur or an academic.

Go, and find your people centricity and hospitality mindset!


3:00pm – Welcome by Sérgio Guerreiro, Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

3:05pm – Keynote by Luís Araújo, President Turismo de Portugal & European Travel Commission

3:30pm – Round Table | Moderation: Joana Castro e Costa, NovaSBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center

         . “People for Inclusion” – Filipa Pinto Coelho, Café Joyeux

         . “People for Community” – Yasmin Bhudarally, Hotel Neya

         . “People for Life Transformation” – Transformational Travel Council, Monika Lewicka

4:30pm – Q&A Session


Max. 30


2 hours


Westmont Institute


Luís Araújo

President Turismo de Portugal & European Travel Commission


Filipa Pinto Coelho

Executive President VilacomVida / Joyeux Portugal


Joana Castro e Costa

Executive Director of Nova SBE LFI Knowledge Center


Drª Yasmin Bhudarally

CEO of NEYA Hotels


Monika Lewicka

CEO Transformational Travel Council