Inspiration talk, fireside chat & workshop

Education for all


INSPIRATIONAL TALK | Changemakers developing changemakers (10 Min)
Inês and Francisco talked about their individual journeys from such disparate socio-economic backgrounds and how they stand on the same point: the certainty that socio-economic background should not dictate the opportunities a child has in life. By empowering the youngest with the knowledge and sense of possibility to be leaders in their own communities, it is possible to begin to change inequality of opportunities. These are changemakers developing changemakers.

FIRESIDE CHAT | How can a NGO inform public policy in Education? (50 Min)
Pedro Almeida, CEO of Teach For Portugal, took a commented interview to Dr Neli Koleva PhD, Chief Officer of Public Policy of Teach For Bulgaria, from the global network Teach For All, about their experience on how a NGO can inform public policy in the field of education, focusing on the Novice Educator Support and Trainning (NEST). A project that aim to examine the impact of mentor training and offer a roadmap for improvements and solutions on how we can support new teachers working in disadvantaged contexts, building a path to inform public policy on education.

WORKSHOP | Systemic Change in Education (01h20)
Using the methodology of collaborative leadership and the 4 lenses on which Teach For All’s model of intervention is based (1. Pupil as leader; 2. Adult as learner; 3. Community as asset; 4. Our work as systemic), this session addressed the need for systemic change in education to raise awareness about causes and consequences of the problem of educational inequalities and find key elements in these cycles with the potential to produce a cascading change effect, if they are changed.


Max. 45


2 hours




Inês Justino

Teach For Portugal Mentor


Francisco Cardoso

Teach For Portugal Mentor


Pedro Almeida

CEO & Co-Founder of Teach For Portugal


Dr Neli Koleva PhD

Chief Officer of Public Policy of Teach For Bulgaria


Maria Azevedo

Co-Founder & Head of Training Teach For Portugal