Economic development with purpose


Economic development is a critical component that drives economic growth in an economy. NOVAFRICA is the Nova SBE Knowledge Center dedicated to promoting business and economic development in the world, with a particular focus in Africa, line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. Professors Cátia Batista and Pedro Vicente, scientific Directors of NOVAFRICA, explained how NOVAFRICA together with its network of academics and partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, has been undertaking a wide range of applied research projects. The center has contributed to a more sustainable development model with publications in top academic journals and the debate on the more effective public policies to support the local communities and private sector development. NOVAFRICA has had a positive impact in more than a million people lives! The topics that were addressed are current and impactful. In the context of an ageing society and strong demographic pressure on European economies, the topic of international migration to Europe acquires exceptional relevance. Professor Catia Batista analyzed this theme, focusing particularly on African migration to Europe. The link between natural resources and conflicts in developing countries is another pressing issue in a world questioning its sources of energy. Professor Pedro Vicente talked about how good public policies can prevent conflict and radicalization in resource-rich African settings.


Max. 30


2 hours




Cátia Batista

Associate Professor of Economics at Nova SBE, Founder & Scientific Director of NOVAFRICA and member of Estoril Conferences’ Academic Board


Pedro Vicente

Full Professor of Economics at Nova SBE & Founding Scientific Director NOVAFRICA