Behind the wheel of your own “model”: know the brain, explore the mind, aim and build your future!


Your emotional intelligence ability is like driving a car. You need to be in control!

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to process information that runs through your body, mind and relationships. It allows you to balance primitive brain impulses while living in a technological society. It works as a safe base to explore the world with a certain feeling of safety. As it opens your mind and heart, you become more accepting of your fragilities and it strengthens your courage to learn and take risks.

This session was based on a deep understanding of our brain, body, mind and relationships through neuroscience, art and “mind exploring”. With neuroscience, you understand the model of your nervous system and how you can you drive it in modern landscapes. With “mind exploring” you become familiar with your mind dynamics, mind regulation and mind transforming. With neuroentrepreneurship, we invite you to build your personal or professional project having in mind your inner strenghts. With art, we move through unexplored inner territories. We use communication to strengthen consciousness when exploring inner dimensions. MINDBlackout nurtures imagination, flexibility, balance, kindness, humor, and attentiveness to a broad range of sensations, helping you learn how to drive your “model”, with a feeling of safety across unexpected landscapes and a sense that you are at the wheel of choices.

This workshop was structured in five main moments: Understand your brain (Zoom in); Exploring your mind (Awareness); Exploring inner dimensions (Words); Building your life (Aim) and Transforming your presence (Creating) in the social space.


Max. 100


2 hours


Alumni Lounge


Minnie Freudenthal

Internal Medicine Expert & Founder of Mind Blackout


Rosa Pires

Mindfulness, compassion and trauma-based psychologist


Cristina Gonçalves

Teacher & Actress


Maria José Francisco

Engineer Neuroinnovation


Rita Wengorovius

Creator, Actress & Artistic Director of Teatro Umano