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The partnership between LeYa and the Estoril Conferences inaugurated the Authors’ Room initiative, which aimed to bring together renowned writers and Nova SBE students, through the Nova Awareness Club, in which students interviewed some of the most well-known writers published by LeYa, strengthening the connection between the art of writing and current affairs.

The session started with a conversation between David Wallace-Wells, award-winning climate change journalist and author of “The Uninhabitable Earth” (LeYa/Lua de Papel, 2019), shedding light on the current challenges the Planet is facing and how to deal with it.

Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho, who last year celebrated 30 years of literary career, was also one of the authors invited to participate in a session where the roles are inverted: it is the students who will ask the questions to the well-known journalist and writer and not the other way around.

The session had space at the end for a dedicated moment to autographs.


Max. 30​


2 hours


Teresa & Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library


Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho

Journalist & Writer


Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho

Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho was born in 1963, in Porto. He was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the FIGRA International Festival, in France, for a major report on hospital emergencies (1997). He debuted in fiction with the novel “Daqui a Nada” (1992), winner of the UN Young Talent Award. This was followed by “A Casa Quieta” (2005), “Mulher em Branco” (2006), “Canário” (2007), “O Pianista de Hotel” (2017) – SPA Authors Award for Best Narrative Fiction Book 2018 -, “Jogos de Raiva” (2018) and “Margarida Espantada” (2020). Praised by critics, he has been considered one of the most important voices in new Portuguese literature. He is also the author of the film scripts for “Coisa Ruim” (2006) and “Entre os Dedos” (2009), and the play “Os Pés no Arame” (premiered in 2002, with a new staging in 2016). “Cuidado com o Cão” is his most recent novel.