Silvia Rodriguez: “I believe that change begins in each of us”

The Executive Director of the Estoril Conferences explains what is the Purpose Generation: People with a focus on the future, but with the determination to act in the present.
Silva entitles herself a “leader and agent of change” and throughout her career has integrated projects in various market sectors, from consulting and telecommunications services, construction and architecture, education, and even international events. Today she holds the position of executive director of the Estoril Conferences and is the first to say that being a woman in a leadership position is not easy, “especially in Portugal”. In conversation with VISÃO (official media partner of the Estoril Conferences), Silvia Rodriguez talks about her new project and the steps needed today for a better tomorrow.
The motto of this edition of the Estoril Conferences calls the youth, or the “leaders of tomorrow”, to the discussion of what will be their future, among other themes. The event is dedicated to the “Purpose Generation”, the “generation of people who identify as agents of change, and who want to somehow create impact in the world”. As a member of the organization, Silvia Rodriguez promises an event that stands out for the diversity not only of topics but of speakers as well. A conference where everyone is welcome, the Estoril Conferences 2022, will happen between the 1st and 2nd of September at Nova SBE, Cascais, Portugal.

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