Euronews coverage on Estoril Conferences 2022: inspiring hope for the future

Euronews attended the 2022 Edition of Estoril Conferences as media partner, covering the two-day event focused on discussing the major global challenges for Planet, for People, for Peace.

Andri Magnason, writer and film director, one of the + 100 purposeful-driven speakers that attended the 2022 Edition of Estoril Conferences, was one of the speakers with whom Euronews had the chance to speak to, reminding us that 2100 is not a distant future and that we must connect with it in a more intimidate way.

Shani Dhanda, disability expert and entrepreneur, also spoke with Euronews, shedding light on the importance of inclusion, focusing on underrepresented communities, such as disabled people in south Asian.

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