Estoril Conferences 2023 Best Of Moments, Sessions & Photo Gallery

Last September we embarked on 2-day journey of Estoril Conferences, to the core of our humanity. Through the voices of 77 speakers that came from different parts of the world, we heard stories about overcoming obstacles and pushing our limits, we travelled to realities of suffering and conflict, while we were inspired by the expression of talent, the highlight of achievements and the living-proof examples of new ways to deal with diversity and overcoming adversity. All these experiences pointed at the same direction: the need to Re-Humanize Our World.

An audience of +2.600 participants (800 online), +2.000 visitors at the Humanity Hub and +2.000 participants at the Humanity Youth Festival contributed to make the 2023 Edition such an inspiring one. An impact amplified by our +25 purpose-driven partners and the media, through the coverage of +85 accredited journalists, resulting in +330 media news, in what was the first edition with sign language interpretation.

Throughout these two days, new connections and insights were brought into life, which created a handful of special memories that we now share in the links below:

1. To start, a Short Video that provides a small glimpse of the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere felt.

2. For a deep dive, a dedicated playlist on our YouTube Channel with all the video sessions available.

3. For additional thoughts on the need to re-humanize the world, watch a flash of some of the Testimonials shared.

4. To complement, an Official Photo Gallery where you can access all photos available for download.

The richness and breadth of all of those of who have contributed to this year’s edition knows no boundaries, making it impossible to resume everything we lived, felt and shared in just a small-time frame. Throughout the next months, we will publish fragments of these sessions, both on our website and social media, making the most out of the relevancy and added value that was granted, and of which we are deeply grateful.

We are now designing a new chapter in our story, one that will give continuity to all the work done so far, while embracing the current situation the world, to keep providing an accurate and up-to-date picture of humanity’s biggest challenges. Soon we will be sharing the final report based on the main takeaways of the 2023 Edition, provided on the +20 sessions.

Thank you for joining us on this chapter of the Estoril Conferences, that showed how powerful we, humans, can be when we are able to connect with each other and put our energy at the service of a shared purpose.

Stay tuned for more news to come.