Estoril Conferences 2023: A New Era of Hope and Humanization

Carcavelos, Cascais – On September 1st and 2nd, the campus of Nova School of Business and Economics (NovaSBE) in Carcavelos, Cascais, will once again host the 8th edition of the Estoril Conferences. Built upon the pillars of Planet, People, Health, Peace, and Policies, this esteemed event aims to provide a humanized approach to global challenges under the theme “A Future of Hope.”

This year’s highlight is the transition towards a new phase in the conference’s history. Laurinda Alves, Executive Director of the Estoril Conferences, emphasized this significant change: “This year’s conferences will inaugurate a new cycle as they become an annual event. Our partnership with the Business School and the Medical School of Nova allows us to broaden our horizons, making this event an annual occurrence rather than biennial.”

The central theme of this year, “Re-Humanize Our World,” reflects the concern to reestablish the paramount importance of people amidst a global landscape fraught with challenges including conflicts, pandemics, extreme poverty, climate change, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. Laurinda Alves stated, “The world is threatened by conflicts, pandemics, extreme poverty, climate change, and also by Artificial Intelligence. With this event, we want to emphasize that people come first.”

The Estoril Conferences will feature an impressive lineup of speakers representing diverse fields of expertise. Among the distinguished names are Gerard Ryle, awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2017, Richard Roberts, Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1993, and Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2004. The diverse presence of personalities such as Sameera Chukkapalli from the Obama Foundation, Erden Eruç, the first person to circumnavigate the Earth using only human-powered means, and João de Macedo, a big wave surfer and co-founder of SaveTheWaves Coalition, promises to bring unique perspectives to the discussions.

The event will span two days, with the first day focusing on comprehensive global topics such as climate change, sustainability, the social impact of technology, education systems, and trust in political institutions. The second day will concentrate on the healthcare domain, exploring emerging themes like mental health and the application of Artificial Intelligence in medicine, in collaboration with Nova’s Medical School.

Entry for both days of the Estoril Conferences will be free, reaffirming the commitment to making the discussions accessible to a wide audience. With the strategic support of the Cascais Municipality and Tourism of Portugal, this event continues to raise the bar in terms of scope, relevance, and impact, in an ongoing effort to promote innovative solutions to global challenges.

As the Estoril Conferences enter a new annual phase, expectations are high that this year’s edition will surpass the previous, welcoming an even larger number of participants eager to contribute to a more humane, healthy, and harmonious world. The event aligns seamlessly with the strategies of the Next EU Research & Innovation Investment Programme 2021-2027: Horizon Europe, the EU Youth Strategy, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is a call to action for all those who believe in a future of hope and humanization, where people are at the heart of all decisions and actions.

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