The Global Safety Passport will be one of our main activities during the next months. This is something we will be advocating for near governments, NGO’s and other institutions.


The current system of international protection is dependent on the entry of asylum seekers in the countries where they want to be protected. Countries are not legally responsible for providing protection to those who are located outside the territory. Therefore, with the exception of resettlement schemes, asylum seekers must enter the safe territories in order to be protected therein.

A right to Safe Passage has been already advocated by several ONGs and by the UNHCR. States have committed to expanding opportunities for safe pathways at the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants. However, these advocacy discourses have failed to provide practical responses on how to implement such right.

A Global Safety Passport (GSP) could be answer. Such passport could be enacted to asylum seekers, and would correspond to a legal document which would allow them to travel legally and to enter in the territories of the signatory States in order to ask for protection.

Such document would not guarantee a right to legally reside in a certain country or to obtain any form of protection therein. Such rights would continue to be decided by the Nation-States. However, such document would allow asylum-seekers to enter, safely and legally in the countries, in order to ask for protection.

GSP would allow for safe journeys, and, therefore, contributing to saving lives. GSP would allow for legal journeys, and, therefore, contributing to protecting Human Dignity. Finally, GSP would allow for a right to enter, and, therefore, ensuring the effectiveness of the right to asylum

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