During the traditional Cascais Press Preview, held every year in January, the first confirmed speakers of the Estoril Conferences ‘Empowering Humanity: From Local to Global Justice’ were announced. In order to discuss human rights and duties, technology and democracy, climate justice, inequality, migration and inclusive globalization, the Estoril Conferences once again bring you the changemakers and provocateurs with history and stories to share. Twelve names. Twelve nationalities. Four continents. Six women. Six men.


Human Rights Activists

We inspire by example. Once more we will have the testimonies of those who dedicate their lives to protect and promote human rights.

Ahmad Nawaz: Education and peace activist (Pakistan)
Edit Schlaffer: Founder & Director of Women without Borders (Austria)
Fareeda Khalaf: Yazidi refugee and activist (Iraq)
Laya Vasudevan: Director of Center for Legal Aid and Rights (India)

Nobel Prize Laureates

In all, twelve Nobel Prize laureates in several fields have come to speak at the Estoril Conferences. In 2019, at least three more will be added to that list.

Edmund Phelps: 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics Laureate (USA)
Rigoberta Menchú Tum: 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (Guatemala)
Svetlana Alexievich: 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate (Belarus)


To every edition of the Estoril Conferences we invite speakers that are considered changemakers in their respective fields.

Anne Applebaum: Washington Post Columnist and 2004 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction (USA)
Harald Jäger: Lieutenant Colonel, also known as “the man who opened the Berlin Wall” (Germany)
Joana Marques Vidal: Attorney General of the Portuguese Republic (2012-2018)
Miguel Otero: Journalist & CEO of “El Nacional” newspaper (Venezuela)

Political Personalities

From all over the world, political personalities come to the Estoril Conferences, with very strong views about the challenges our world is facing.

Carlos Mesa: President of Bolivia (2003-2005)
Germán Garavano: Minister of Justice and Human Rights (Argentina)


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