In every edition of the Estoril Conferences, we award the Estoril Local Answers Award – a 10,000 Euros money prize attributed to a project, initiative, practice or solution that helps to raise awareness and solve global challenges at the local level.


In 2017, the winner of the ELAA award was the ReFood movement in Cascais and we began 2018 by visiting its headquarters.

The tour was presented by Edmundo Silva and Filomena Água-Mel, who taught us the day to day routines of the organization.

ReFood Cascais helps around 60 families from Cascais and holds partnerships with several entities that avoid food waste by giving the remains to institutions like ReFood.

The movement is entirely made of by volunteers that, every day and every night, visit places like supermarkets or restaurants from the municipality, in order to bring back what they can so that families in need might have better food conditions.

The food is then divided, as evenly as possible, by another team of volunteers who then deliver it to those in need.

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