Portuguese judge Carlos Alexandre took part of one of the debates at the Fifth edition of the Estoril Conferences. With judges Sérgio Moro (Brazil), Antonio di Pietro (Italy) and Baltasar Garzon (Spain), all specialists in corruption cases.

The plea bargain, as it exists in Brazil and in the US Justice Systems works as an instrument to this sort of crimes, for which there are no witnesses and whose activities take place in secret and away from the public eye. 
Judge Carlos Alexandre said the plea bargain can work as a juridical instrument in any mature democracy. 
“I can relate to the notion that the improvement of laws aimed at fighting corruption such as the concept of plea bargain and that it exists in countries such as Germany, France Italy and the USA”. 
Judge Carlos Alexandre manages some of the most widely mediatized cases of corruption that ever went to court in Portugal. 

The Estoril Conferences initiative (now in its 5th year) has become a dialogue cluster for leaders, thinkers and opinion makers from around the world, aimed at responding to issues related to Globalization. The Estoril Conferences are organized by the Estoril Institute for Global Dialogue, with the support of the Cascais Municipality and of the Presidency of the Portuguese Republic. The 2017 edition takes place between May 29th and 31th, at the Estoril Congress Center, in Cascais.

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