The panel was ready to debate external boarders of the European Union and its relation to key allies, but the debate was finally dominated by the relationship between Turkey and the EU, in part, thanks to the presence of the Turkish Ambassador, Mehmet Samor.

Pedro Espírito Santo, from the European Commission, said it was impossible to talk about the European project without mentioning the free movement of people. He also pointed out that multicultural heritage of Europeans, with European, African and Asian ancestry is a reality and that it is a paradox that Europe has to deal with this crisis. 
Nehmet Samsor said Europe woke up for this crisis only two years ago, after "the death of that toddler in one Greek Island". "Until 2016, around 800 thousand refugees has crossed that area," he added.
"The issue is not only on what we do, but also on how we do it", said Pedro Espírito Santo, who defended an external EU Policy that becomes closer to strategic partners, like Turkey, but also Tunisia and other countries for Northern Africa.
Ambassador Samsor pointed out the need to share responsibilities regarding this issue. "Being closer to the area of conflict doesn't makes any more responsible". Samor reminded the audience Turkey invested 26 billion dollars to help Syrian refugees - who are around 3,4 million in the country, in 23 camps. 
The EU has contributed with 3 billion euros but, said the Turkish Ambassador, his country has already spent 60 billion dollars. And at least 20 billion more are needed to help Syrian Refugee children who need to go to school.

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