The presentation video from the Estoril Conferences 2017 won the award for Diversity in Scripts, in a ceremony that took place yesterday, December 18th, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, in Lisbon, where, amongst others, the High Commissioner for Migration, Pedro Calado, was present.

The “For Cultural Diversity” Communication Awards, an annual initiative that held its 3rd edition this year, reward the works that represent a relevant contribution to the promotion of cultural diversity and the fight against discrimination.

The script of the winning video, authored by Alexandre Borges, “is, above all else, a compliment to diversity. It seeks to dismantle the discourses of those that are, today, the flag bearers of nationalist populism, through a memory exercise that demonstrates how they themselves are often the most strident testimony of a multicultural heritage. We live in a heterogeneous, interconnected, “blended” world, and that is a good thing. Society is shown by History what are the results of walls and nationalisms”, he said. “It is an award that honors us greatly and that reminds us of the responsibility we all have to fight for the just causes in the great global debate on the subject of borders.”

Teresa Violante, Chair of the Estoril Conferences, stressed the importance of the award, stating that the “simplicity of the message in the video, highlighting the obvious recognition that we live in a world increasingly united in its diversity, has caused an enormous impact. We had contacts from all over the world, from individuals and institutions, underlining the power of this message.”


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