Since 1993 until the present I have written four books and edited or co-edited three volumes dealing with stable peace, population resettlement in international conflicts, and international ethics and global governance. Five of the seven books are related to peace studies, and all seven of them refer to the normative dimension of international relations, in one way or another. And since my last promotion to Associate Professor in April of 2006 I have edited or co-edited two books. I am interested in several, related and unrelated subjects at the present, and in the foreseeable future. In the first place, I am interested in studying the concept of global governance, partly as a result of the ongoing international cooperation in developing exchange programs that focus on the transnational dimensions of global governance. The result is a rich and demanding experience, whereas research, teaching and administrative tasks have become closely related, my first vocation remaining that of a teacher and not just a scholar, learning from my students and finding new problematiques to make sense of our fascinating world while focusing on international relations theories, the normative dimension of international relations, and Latin America as a fascinating empirical laboratory to explore new ideas.

In 2013 he was a speaker at the plenary panel "Globalization and Internal Policies" (May, 2nd).