“We believe in young people!”

A beautiful sentence, loaded with hope and enthusiasm, but tossed into the air by countless leaders, institutions and companies who, once they grab them, soon forget that a youngster will still be young for many more years and some will continue to be kids during their entire lives.

Like that catch phrase, most projects thought out for the youth are empty of content and designed only for entertainment purposes and the occupation of time. At the end of each project, the youngster feels he has learned nothing or developed any new capacity or idea.

Enthusiasm vanishes and hope fades. In the end, what we see is new generations after new generations of youngsters left alone. All those who have achieved any measure of success did so alone or with little follow-up.

We do not “only” believe in the youth of today. We also believe in their ideas and believe these can come from children, adolescents, young people or young adults. Even an adult might have a great idea for the generation that followed. We evaluate it, we develop it and we accomplish it.

Only this way was it possible to create the EC Junior, where children come on stage to discuss adult themes. Only this way could we give shape to the Global Boomerang, putting young people under pressure for decision-making processes and the need for prioritization.

To our team of Young Ambassadors we ask to be serious about the diffusion of the EC themes and projects, while offering them a professional environment and a more personal relationship with the organization team of the Estoril Conferences and the Youth Summit, where future generations come together to discuss the world’s most pressing issues in a meeting entirely organized by young people, therefore revealing the matters that concern them the most and to which we must all prepare.

We believe in the youth of today, yes. But the most interested youth, the most dynamic, those who seek challenges and reflect on solutions. We seek our future leaders and assure them that the path they will be walking does not have to be walked without support.


Miguel Pinto Luz

Vice president of Câmara Municipal de Cascais

Youth Projects

Youth Summit


The opening moment of the Estoril Conferences. With a touch of irreverence, the Youth Summit is for young people to raise awareness of the global issues affecting their future.
It is your first step towards a global stage. It is where the leaders of tomorrow analyze and discuss globalization. It is a place to network with each other and, without any barriers or filters, withdraw knowledge from a closer contact with our speakers.
Planned and executed by an Organizing Team consisting of young representatives from our network of Academic Partners and other academic institutions, this edition will also count with the support of the global community of change-makers of World Merit, partner of the United Nations.

Ready to change the world?

Date: May 27, 2019  |  Deadline: May 24, 2019   |  Target audience: 16-35 years old


Youth Ambassador


Dynamic and proactive, the Youth Ambassador represents the Estoril Conferences at their Universities and Schools. You are our highest representative. You have ideas and ambitions in the promotion of dialogue. You believe you have enough willpower to change the world.
Here is your opportunity to prove it. Begin with your social circle. Be serious about the importance and the work of the Estoril Conferences. Share it. Empower it.
Then join us in the backstage where we will share with you the know-how of organizing an international conference. That is if you are not speaking with one of our internationally renowned speakers.

Is there anything you would have liked to say to Madam Albright or Sérgio Moro? 

Deadline: March 15, 2019   |  Target Audience: 17-25 years old


Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is an extension of our multidisciplinary team.
The logistics complexity involved in preparing an event that requires the reception of about 100 speakers, academic partners, media and staff, demands planning and the involvement of a large team.
We want to strengthen our team with a Volunteer Program. We want to share our knowledge with anyone who shows availability and interest to back up our team and is willing to take part in a unique and inspiring experience.

This Volunteer Program will allow participants to enrich their curriculum and enhance their experience by having direct contact with an internationally renowned conference and our most distinguished speakers and guests.

Date: May 21-31, 2019 | Opening Date: September 1, 2018 | Deadline: March 15, 2019 | Target audience: From 18 years old