Name: Yannis Behrakis

Location: Athens, Greece

Occupation: Senior Editor, Special Projects, Reuters Newspictures

Fields of Expertise: documentary photography.

Yannis Behrakis has studied photography at the Athens School of Arts and Technology and received his BA (Honours) by the Middlesex University (UK). He is a Pulitzer Prize winner photojournalist for Reuters and a chief photographer based in Athens, Greece and Jerusalem for three decades. Reuters has named him Senior editor of special projects in 2017 and ambassador for the Reuters photo department. Behrakis lectures in various universities around the world.

As the Reuters chief photographer for Greece and Cyprus, in 2015 Yannis Behrakis has led the coverage of the refugee flow arriving from the Middle East to Europe.

He has been highly recognized and internationally awarded for his outstanding professionalism in his coverage. His photo images have demonstrated profoundly emotional stories of refugees that after departing from their war torn and strife addled countries have flown hundreds of miles across uncertain boundaries to unknown destinations. By capturing a series of images of refugees crowded on flimsy sea craft and their first moments upon reaching Europe, Yannis Behrakis has made the voice of these people heard worldwide.

Behrakis has received some of the industry’s top awards such as the Guardian Photographer of the Year and the World Press Photo and in 2016 he led the Reuters team to win the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for the coverage of the refugee crisis.