Name: Vasco Rato

Location: Portugal

Occupation: President of the Luso-American Development Foundation, Portugal

Fields of Expertise: International Relations, Political Science, Defence and Foreign Policy matters

Vasco Rato has assumed his duties as the President of the Administrative Council and Executive Council of the FLAD, the Luso-American Development Foundation, in 2014, being nominated by the Portuguese Prime Minister. FLAD´s main goal is to contribute to the economic and social development of the country by cooperating with the United States.

After receiving his PhD degree from the University of Georgetown, Vasco Rato returned to this University as a visiting professor, from 2007 to 2009. His academic area of research has been political science and international relations. As an investigator of the Portuguese National Defense Institute, he has also specialized in defence and foreign policy matters. Vasco Rato is a member of IPRI, the Portuguese Institute of International Relations.

Vasco Rato is an author of various books and scientific articles, which address and discuss matters of political science, transatlantic relations, geopolitics and American foreign policy. As a foreign policy commentator he has participated in various magazines, radio and television programs.