In a partnership with the National Youth Council, the Estoril Conferences will organize a special edition of the Youth Summit on December 13 in Cascais, at the Estoril Congress Center. The event will be open to the public.

The day of debates will be dedicated to Human Rights, on the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948. As part of the National Youth Encounter that will take place between December 12 and 14, themes and speakers for this special edition of the Youth Summit have been thought out with young people in mind, seeking to empower them for the defense and promotion of Human Rights in their future.

Chris Arnold (founder and CEO of World Merit), Maria João Marques (reporter and essayist in the Observador), Pedro Neto (Executive Director of Amnesty International Portugal), Richard Kemp (Cllr, CBE, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool) and Teresa Violante (Chairperson of the Estoril Conferences) are the speakers confirmed to speak on subjects concerning "Defending Human Rights in the Age of Multiculturalism," "Activism and New Forms of Political Participation," and "Human Rights and Duties."


The full program here.



Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold is the founder of Smaller Earth Group and the Executive Director of World Merit, a global movement that mobilizes young people to address the Sustainable Development Goals. Chris has about 20 years of experience in the creation and management of organizations that seek to value and empower the qualities of youngsters all over the world. His work with World Merit has been recognized by the United Nations, in 2016.




Maria João Marques

A journalist and essayist for the Observador newspaper, Maria João Marques has been writing for the Portuguese social communication since 2009. She is the founder of the online platform Capital Magazine, where it is possible to read about society, politics, feminism and gender equality. Licensed in Economy, she was a businesswoman in the area of international trade where she mainly worked with China and India.



Pedro Neto

Pedro Neto is the current Executive Director of Amnesty International – Portugal. He is a Ms. C. in Public Administration and Management, with studies in Governance and Human Rights from the University of Aveiro. Since 2004 that he has been developing several volunteer and humanitarian missions to the interior of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, the Amazon or Morocco.



Richard Kemp

Member of the City Council of Liverpool for more than 30 years, Richard Kemp is the current leader of the main opposition group – the Liberal Democrats. He is also the Director of World Merit, a global social organization that works with about 120.000 youngsters in 130 countries, helping them develop new activities in their own communities, focused on the 17 SDG of the United Nations.



Teresa Violante

Specialized in Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Teresa Violante is the Director of the Estoril Conferences, a research fellow at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and a visiting researcher fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. She was a Law Clerk at the Portuguese Constitutional Court between 2007 and 2017 and has published extensively in her fields of expertise.