Name: Samer Abdelnour

Occupation: Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management

Fields of Expertise: Entrepreneurship, social intervention, gender and humanitarianism.

Samer Abdelnour is a social entrepreneur, activist and Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management under the Department of Business-Society Management, teaching courses such as Research Methodology.

In 2009, Samer Abdelnour co-founded Al-Shabaka– The Palestinian Policy Network, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate people on Palestinian Human Rights.

Abdelnour has a very intense job experience on the field, combining theory with practice. Samer conducted a strong social intervention by working on the reintegration of former fighters and cooperative enterprise in the Blue Nile; by betting on the entrepreneurial education in Southern Sudan and by focusing on the humanitarian technology in India.

Samer has studied for his degree in Management and Economics from the University of Toronto, and then got his Masters at the York University in Environmental Studies. In 2015, Samer finished is PhD in Philosophy.