Name: Raffaele Simone

Location: Lecce, Italy

Occupation: Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, University Roma Tre, Rome

Fields of Expertise: history and epistemology of linguistics; philosophy of language; theory of grammar and its history; Romance languages and their typological features; syntactic mechanisms: coordination, subordination and more; word classes theory and description

Raffaele Simone is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, University Roma Tre, Rome (2015). He is also a full Professor of General Linguistics since 1980 at Sapienza University of Rome and at Roma Tre University (1992-2014). He has carried out research and teaching in international centres and universities.

Raffaele Simone has been a Doctor Honoris Causa at several universities, winner of book awards for his essays and Chevalier de l’Ordre des arts et des lettres in 2015. He has been a Member of the Académie Royale des Arts et des Sciences de Belgique since 2017.

Simone is publishing adviser, editor of book series, editor of collective works and columnist to major domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines on subjects of political analysis and theory. He speaks, and writes in Italian, French, English, and Spanish.

His interests as a linguist are many and have changed during his entire career. Over the last twenty years his work has focussed mainly on the model known as the Grammar of Categories and Constructions, from which an intensive research program came out.

His activity as a linguist has also been going hand in hand with a regular production of essays and pamphlets, many of which translated into several languages. He is the author of some 250 technical papers in domestic and international journals, has edited volumes and collections and designed and edited original lexicographic and reference works on the Italian language.