Name: Pedro Calado

Local: Portugal

Occupation: High Commissioner for Migrations

Fields of expertise: Social inclusion; ethnic minorities, and migrations

Pedro Calado is High Commissioner for Migrations since 2014 and former coordinator of Programa Escolhas – a governmental program raised by the Portuguese Government in 2001 to work on the social inclusion and equal opportunities for children and adolescents - , the High Commissioner for Migrations has a bachelor in Geography and a Masters in Geography with specialization in “Exclusion, society and territory” from the Lisbon University.

Pedro Calado has been a consultant in many entities, as well as a volunteer in many NGOs and has work closely with groups of work from the civil society regarding the issues of social entrepreneurship and social inclusion.

Calado has been awarded the Prize Heinz Roethof in 2003, by the European Union, while being representative of Programa Escolhas at the European Crime Prevention Network.

Pedro Calado is also a guest lecturer in several Portuguese universities, where he approaches the issues of migrations, ethnic minorities’ descendants, formal and non-formal education.