Name: Jorge Quiroga Ramírez

Location: Bolivia

Occupation: Former President of Bolivia; Leader of the Bolivian opposition, President of public policy think tank FUNDEMOS

Fields of Expertise: Latin American public policy, trade, macroeconomics, finance and banking, integration, politics and development issues; constitutional, legal and institutional reforms; private and official external debt restructuring and relief; programs on reduction of drug trafficking and cocaine production.

Before assuming the Bolivian Presidency from 2001 to 2002, Jorge Quiroga was the country’s Vice-President, the youngest ever at the time, having received the World Leader of Tomorrow Award from the World Economic Forum in 1998.

Quiroga has also served as the Minister of Finance and as Under-Secretary of Public Investment and International Cooperation at the Ministry of Planning, and has worked as a consultant for the World Bank, the Andean Development Corporation, the International Finance Corporation and the International Monetary Fund.             

After leaving the President´s office, Quiroga has been a primary leader in the Bolivian opposition. He has also been actively involved in the private sector, as well as taking part in many international organizations, among them - as Vice-President of Club of Madrid; on the boards of the Inter-American Dialogue and Results for Development-R4D in Washington D.C.; as a member of the International Advisory Council of the China Economic Club; and in different capacities on the Global Adaptation Institute and the Foro Iberoamericano.

Stressing the need for real solutions to immigration issues, the former Bolivian President has described the United States implemented policies in this field as counter-productive and inefficient. Quiroga has also called Latin America to choose a kind of “blender” of American political parties: “Democrat immigration programs and Republican trade policies.”