The fightback of liberal Europe was the main motivation for this edition of the Global Review.

With European Elections fast approaching, many are those calling for the union of European liberals against the rise of an anti-EU camp that is rapidly organizing transnationally. 
That is what Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law at HEC Paris and founder of The Good Lobby proposes, underlining the importance of citizens as a key actor in the realignment of the EU to societal and most immediate concerns. 
Carlos Carreiras, Miguel Pinto Luz and Teresa Violante join him in his call arguing that the crisis of the representative government is real, that there is indeed a European lack of response and that, ultimately, democracy dies in darkness.
Felipe Pathé Duarte, on his turn, draws a parallel between the Far Right and Islamism, concluding that both are one of the consequences of western modernity and that both belong in its same dark side.
Finally John M. Luiz, from the University of Cape Town, reflects on the impact of Institutions in the Internationalization of Multinational Enterprises from an emerging market perspective and Nuno Santos, CEO of Gfi Portugal, shares his thoughts on the future, speaking about smart cities, the digital economy and gender balance in the XXI century.