In this issue our main attention goes to CIA and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, famously known for whistleblowing the mass surveillance programs used by governments from around the world, with an exclusive interview given to the Estoril Conferences’ Global Review. Teresa Violante, Chair of the Estoril Conferences, makes the claim for whistleblowers protection.

Carlos Carreiras, Mayor of Cascais, explains why Cascais the best possible place to host these conferences and Miguel Pinto Luz, Deputy-mayor of Cascais, gives a suggestion on how both academics and intellectuals should inform citizens in the XXI Century.

Also in this issue, we present the winners of the Estoril Local Answers Award and the Estoril Issues Distinguished Book Prize and, as per the norm in our ‘Global Review’, we have the contributions from Ambassadors and Professors, a Book Review and news from the Estoril Conferences.