On this first issue of the Global Review of the Estoril Conferences we get to know Maria Conceição, founder of the Maria Cristina Foundation – an NGO that helps children and their respective families, from the slums of Bangladesh, to lead a more dignified life because, as she herself recognizes: “Being poor in Bangladesh has nothing to do with being poor in the Western World.”

Professor Arie Kacowicz draws a parallel between an episode that happened in 1939 and the millions displaced by war; Felipe Pathé Duarte looks at the Syrian war and analyses it as a chess game, in which the players are the Turks and the Kurds; and Jean-Michel Veranneman begins his text with a logical question: how is it that so many have not been capable of understanding that the benefits of belonging to the largest free trade area in the world far outweigh its disadvantages.

The Global Review, as you will witness, will focus on the most urgent subjects of our world and we believe this to be a different source of information and a perfect complement to the stage of the Estoril Conferences.