Name: Gina Bennet

Location: United States of America

Occupation: Senior Analyst at the Counterterrorism Center - CIA

Field of Expertise: Counterterrorism, security issues

Gina Bennett has been an analyst in the Counterterrorism Center for 25 years.

As a Senior Counterterrorism Analyst, Gina M. Bennett has authored the earliest warnings of today’s terrorism trends including the 1993 report that foreshadowed the danger of Osama bin Laden. She was the principal author of the 2006 National Intelligence Estimate "Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the U.S." Her analysis has been called “prescient” and “genius” by major media and former senior government officials, who later recognized the insightfulness of her work.

A mother of five, Bennett brings a unique perspective to national security by comparing parenting skills with those required in her work. (Through) observing that running a family requires balance, objectivity, and the ability to remain focused on the long-term, Gina Bennett has also demonstrated the importance of these qualities in securing America.