Name: Fareeda Khalaf

Location: Iraq

Occupation: Author, student

Field of Expertise: Yazidi communities

An essential part of Fareeda Khalaf’s live is the story behind the book The Girl Who Beat ISIS, authored by Andrea C. Hoffmann. The book reveals the horrifying atrocities that the then 19 year old girl was victim of, when ISIS fighters in 2014 attacked and sacked her village, in Northern Iraq near the Syrian border.

Fareeda, a pseudonym used to protect herself from the Daesh sympathizers in Europe, is a girl from the Yazidi community, and victim of ethnic cleansing and sexual slavery.  Fareeda was among one of the women who were beaten, raped, and sold in slavery markets in Raqqa.

Fareeda Khalaf escaped from one ISIS military camp near Omar gas field in Syria along with 5 other girls. She moved to Germany where she narrowed the story and where she pursued her studies.