The Estoril Conferences have, in every edition, included young people in the most pressing discussions of today. We believe that the future lies in the hands of the youngest and we are thus trying to help launch the seeds for a more inclusive and plural world.

The 5th edition of the Estoril Conferences had, therefore, an entire morning dedicated to the youngest of youngsters: on june 1st 2017, Chidren’s Day, the 1st edition of the Estoril Conferences Junior (EC Junior) was held – a project co-developed with several schools of the Cascais municipality with the purpose of discussing serious subjects and understanding the point of view of children of the basic education level. They were the speakers, the opinion-makers and the public.

“Vou ali e já venho: sobre migrações e comichões” fits in all of this. For professors and students, for educators and pupils, for parents and sons. It is a book that, in an accessible way, answers one question that looks simple at first sight – “where do we come from?” – the answer, however, remains surrounded by controversy.

The challenge that was put to these kids, which finds support in the book’s story, was to present the human race to the aliens. The story, composed by six characters of different nationalities, races and creeds, has the purpose of illustrating the fact that, together, we’re all stronger.

The EC Junior project was developed by the team of the Estoril Conferences, the design thinking team of HUSE Innovation and by teachers of basic education of the Malangatana e Raúl Lino schools, belonging to the municipality of Cascais.