Name: Bruno Sousa

Location: Portugal

Occupation: Cluster Spacecraft Operations Manager at the European Space Operation Center (ESOC)

Fields of Expertise: Spacecraft operations, Venus flight control

Bruno Sousa has graduated the first course of Aerospace Engineering at the Higher Technical Institute in 1997, Portugal. For a number of years he worked in the Netherlands, developing naval systems, followed by a brief experience of developing mobile telecommunications services in Lisbon in 2001.

He joined the European Space Agency, in Germany, as a test engineer and systems integration specialist for the Venus Express mission in 2003. Later on, he joined the control team of this probe in time to participate in its launch and its arrival in the orbit of the planet Venus. In 2012 he moved to the Solar Orbiter´s mission.

Bruno Sousa assumed the duties of the Cluster Spacecraft Operations Manager in 2015 and is engaged in the studies of the Sun´s interaction with the Magnetosphere of Earth. He leads the Cluster flight control team at ESOC at the European Space Agency. The main task of his team is to ensure spacecraft safety and operational availability at all times, as well as to maximize the amount of data generated simultaneously by the four satellites.  

Recently, Bruno Sousa has decided to explain in to their team´s special blog how ESA's operations teams practice the art and craft of mission control. The objective has been to link people with spacecraft travelling to the frontiers of human knowledge.