Name: Baltasar Garzón

Location: Spain

Occupation: Judge; Head of Julian Assange legal team

Fields of Expertise: Law; Human Rights Law; Universal Jurisdiction

Baltasar Garzón is a Spanish judge, internationally renowned for his work in the area of universal jurisdiction. Furthermore, his career is closely related to the fight against terrorism, torture and narcotraffic.

He made the headlines all over the world in 1998 when he ordered the prison of Chilean General Augusto Pinochet for crimes against humanity. At the time, the General was in London and the order was considered pioneer in the application of universal jurisdiction.

More recently, Baltasar Gárzon has argued the defense of extending the application of universal jurisdiction to include financial and environmental crimes that, according to the judge, may result in catastrophes that affect populations all around the world.

As an example, Garsón uses the disasters and hungers caused by climate change produced by man-made industries and the action of several hedge funds in the debts of countries like Greece. Currently, Garzón is also leading the legal team of WikiLeaks editor-in-chief and founder Julian Assange.