Name: António Feijó

Location: Portugal

Occupation: Professor, Vice Dean Lisbon University

Areas of Expertise: Anglo-American studies

António Feijó is the current Vice Dean of the Lisbon University. He was licensed by the Lisbon University in Anglo-American studies and has a Master’s degree in English and American Literature by the State University of New York. António Feijó also has a Ph.D in English and American Literature from Brown University.

Besides being the Vice Dean of Lisbon University he is also a member and a full Professor in the Department of English Studies in the same University and a member of the Theory of Literature Program in the Letters Faculty, where he has directed and presided to its Scientific Council.

His interests and study areas include Romanticism, Theory of Literature, English Renaissance literature, modern north-American literature and European and north-American Modernism.

He has authored several essays and books, and has guided many thesis and dissertations in these domains. Other activities include the translation of English and north-American authors and scene dramaturgy of English and Portuguese texts.